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Talent and experience mean nothing unless your attorneys consistently provide superior work, excellent client services and tangible results. See what Kristin M. Lausten’s clients and colleagues say about her.

Alexander L. Burns, Attorney at Law, Certified Public Accountant

As an attorney, Kristin is enthusiastic, dedicated, and hardworking. She is an aggressive defense counsel, an industrious researcher, and a quick study in new areas of practice.  Her intelligent, outgoing demeanor presents well to a court or jury – Kristin presents her clients’ arguments clearly and persuasively, ensuring open minds and fair consideration.  She is a credit to the profession.

John D. Carter – Nielsen, Carter & Treas, LLC

Kristin has a diverse set of skills that make her a superb attorney. She has excellent analytical abilities, in both spotting issues and applying the law.  Further, she is an exceptional writer. She is always willing to take on any assignment and follow it through to completion. She demonstrates extreme thoroughness in her investigations and is innovative in finding solutions.

Travis Miceli – Terrell Miceli Investigations

It’s very rare and rewarding to work with an attorney like Kristin. I have witnessed Kristin’s vigorous approach and extreme attention to detail on her cases. She is a young, aggressive, energetic professional, producing unparalleled results on her cases. If you ever have the chance to work with Kristin, seize the opportunity, as she is a tremendous asset.

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