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Our Methods

We Work Efficiently

Ezkovich & Co., LLC provides comprehensive legal services to clients ranging from individuals and small business owners to domestic and international insurers throughout Louisiana and the gulf states. Kristin M. Lausten and Alan D. Ezkovich have prior “big law” experience and pride themselves on providing one-on-one service to all clients with the in-depth experience and resources that a large firm can offer with the streamlined handling and personal attention they can provide in a boutique firm setting.  This allows Ezkovich & Co., LLC to be more efficient and cost-effective, particularly in the handling of complex commercial, coverage, maritime and environmental litigation.

We Are “Trial Ready”

Aggressive preparation from the outset assures that a litigation strategy is formulated based upon strong legal theories and attainable goals. Aggressive discovery from the outset also results in proper trial preparation and a tactical advantage.  With an assertive approach, and in ongoing consultations with the client, Kristin M. Lausten and Alan D. Ezkovich are able to develop legal and/or investigative strategies that might otherwise be missed.  This “trial ready” strategy often results in the discovery of critical evidence the other side failed to disclose and successful outcomes whether through reduced settlement or dismissal of claims.