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Kristin M. Lausten’s commercial litigation work spans all areas of contracts and insurance coverage litigation. Kristin’s representation has resulted in a range of favorable outcomes for her clients, who range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  Kristin has represented a variety of companies in a range of services, including officers, corporations, and individuals.

By thoroughly understanding her clients’ goals, concerns, and priorities, Kristin works to minimize the stress, time, and cost that litigation can sometimes bring. Kristin works closely with her clients to ensure that they are informed as to their rights and options throughout the entire process. Kristin prioritizes bringing her clients’ legal issue to a favorable resolution, but if litigation is inevitable, she aggressively represents her clients’ interests and helps protect their businesses from liability.

Examples of Kristin’s Work

Kristin provides counsel in areas such as commercial real estate transactions, consumer protection issues, Uniform Commercial Code and/or miscellaneous contract disputes, transaction disputes, breach of warranty issues, indemnity issues, non-compete agreements and related disputes, breach of fiduciary duties, claims related to tortious interference with business contracts, insurance disputes, partnership disputes, construction law issues, arbitration, mediation, real estate litigation, and more.

Specific examples of Kristin’s work include:

  • Representing companies in business disputes;
  • Representing clients in claims involving breach of contract, fraud, and related claims;
  • Defending clients in breach of contract and professional liability/errors;
  • Successfully defending clients on appeal;
  • Representing defense contractors in mediation proceedings; and
  • Representing parties in contractual-indemnification lawsuits; amongst others.

The Importance of Contract Language

In the business world, contracts include buy-sell agreements, mergers, acquisitions, contracts governing the exchange of goods and services, commercial leases, land purchase agreements, and more.

Carefully crafting contract language is extremely important in each of these endeavors. Not only does this language govern the transaction, but it protects both you and/or your business throughout the process. Carefully crafting any and all agreements that involve your business—including employment contracts—can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding significant disputes that could negatively affect your business and everything you’ve worked for.


The course of litigation and litigation strategy involved in resolving contract disputes is highly factual and made in consultation with the client and their desired objectives. When looking for an attorney, you want to ensure that you work with someone who understands that commercial disputes can sometimes jeopardize an entire business’ reputation and profitability.

Kristin M. Lausten provides panel counsel and major claims counsel services for insurers and TPAs handling work throughout Louisiana and elsewhere in the Gulf States. Contact Kristin today to discuss your contract, corporate, and/or commercial litigation needs.

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